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Free and Open source Livecode script. You need sunnYmidi or sunnYmidi-lite to be able to run this script.

Download the stack Shakobox v2.0 here.


Shakobox v1.0 is a realization of Jacque Landman-Gay from hyperactive Software. Shakobox v1.0 uses Quicktime, Player agent X application and Applescripts. Shakobox v2.0 uses only sunnYmidi external. SunnYmidi is far more responsive than Player Agent X.

See Jacque’s comment on her Shakobox page.

Shakobox v2.1: When using shakobox as a library, the demo stack doesn’t freeze (on openstack).

Playing Shakobox-like tunes

To be able to play hypercard like tunes, you need to install the sunnYmidi.bundle external somewhere on your hard disk and copy-paste the script of this stack in your own LiveCode project. Or you can use the same technique as in the stack “TryShakobox”: It uses the shakobox stack as a library. So basically, you need sunnYmidi.bundle external plus the script of this stack to play hypercard or Shakobox tunes.

The sunnYmidi.bundle coming with this stack is a trial version. It works for 20 minutes, then you have to quit and restart LiveCode to work with again.

Player Agent X 100% compatible

Playing your old hypercard tunes

SunnYmidi.HCPlay plays music with the old Hypercard style.
The stack script is all you need. It’s a free and open source code.

Here is a sample tune:
on badshot
  sbplay "bird tweet",50,"ae be ce be ce ae be ce be ce"
  wait 4 seconds with messages
  sbstartnote "gunshot",60,127
  wait 2 seconds with messages
  sbstartnote "gunshot",60,127
end badshot