This is a project I've managed from start to end when I was working as a freelance manager and developer for IGBMC, a biomedical research laboratory. LiveCode and Perl were used intensively for this project. All Perl scripts, modules were entirely embedded inside the LiveCode applications using my sunnYperl external (perl engine embedded inside LiveCode).


Externals - Extensions - Plugins

Here is a list of some of externals or extensions I did make with LiveCode for specific projects. Some of them are sold with a commercial license.

  • MacOSX Midi external
  • Embedded Perl inside LiveCode
  • Midi with Shakobox
  • Windows PDF renderer for LiveCode
  • Image DSL external
  • iOS text to speech external
  • LiveCode library for Regex.
  • Input device for LiveCode: PS3 controller
  • Regex in LiveCode

    coming soon

    The goal of this lesson is to start from the very basics of pattern matching in LiveCode, continuing by talking of all the options of any regular expressions based on the PCRE library, and finally exploring few use cases which should give you some understanding of how far you can go with regex.