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Extending LiveCode: C – Perl -Lua

WARNING: There is no GPL (open source) code here!

With LiveCode’s external architecture you can add new functionalities, easily bind external libraries or connect other tools at a high level. And that’s what this site is about. You’ll find some externals and plug-ins to download and also a number of code samples or tutorials…

Download now the Trial-Stack tutorialSunnYmidi v2.0!

Read this tutorial in 5 minutes: Connect your Midi devices
SunnYmidi connects all your physical or virtual devices. And more,Livecode is seen as a virtual midi device too! Drive your scripts with Midi events.. More…


IDE for biologists to control a Biomek2000 pipetting robot. More…

Exagofon© and SunnYmidi©

I create virtual musical instruments with LiveCode and would say that Exagofon is my most advanced instrument so far. SunnYmidi has fulfilled my expectations and has opened up possibilities of sound management which had been previously inaccessible to me. Have a look at createdigitalmusic and YouTube or facebook.

René Micout Enthusiastic user of sunnYmidi.

Paris, France