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LiveCode build external

I've built more than a dozen livecode externals for customers and IT companies that needed specific features not available in LiveCode. I have also worked with company teams using frameworks, IDEs, or tools where the LiveCode IDE wasn't designed to be used, part of my job therefore being to code APIs to bridge those two environments.

Externals - Extensions - Plugins

Here is a list of some of the externals or extensions made for specific projects or shipped for LiveCode developers to use. Some of them are available with a commercial license, and some are obsolete now. The source code is available under certain conditions.

speaker at OSDC in Paris

I've enjoyed giving a technical talk in 2009 about how and why I choose Perl and LiveCode, called Metacard in those days, to build an IDE for biologists.
OSDC talk resume.


robot Biomek2000

This is a project I've managed from beginning to end when I was working as a freelance manager and developer for IGBMC, a biomedical research laboratory. LiveCode and Perl were used intensively for this project. All Perl scripts and modules were entirely embedded inside LiveCode applications using the sunnYperl external (perl engine embedded inside LiveCode).