Play your old tunes on modern Mac

Shakobox v1.0 was made by Jacque Landman-Gay from hyperactive Software and needs Quicktime, Player agent X application and Applescripts.
This version doesn't work anymore on modern Mac.

Shakobox v2.0 needs only sunnYmidi external. Shakobox (thanks to SunnYmidi) is far more responsive than Player Agent X.
Check for Jacque's comment.

Play Shakobox-like tunes


Shakobox needs my MacOSX sunnYmidi LiveCode external. You can use the same technique as in the stack "TryShakobox": using the Shakobox stack as a library. You can copy-paste the script of this library in your own LiveCode project.

Player Agent X 100% compatible


Play your old hypercard tunes

SunnYmidi.HCPlay plays music with the old Hypercard style. The stack script is all you need.

Here is a sample tune:

on badshot
  sbplay "bird tweet",50,"ae be ce be ce ae be ce be ce"
  wait 4 seconds with messages
  sbstartnote "gunshot",60,127
  wait 2 seconds with messages
  sbstartnote "gunshot",60,127
end badshot