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A responsive Midi player

as a LiveCode external for MacOS

version for 64 bits in Beta.

Play any Midi notes in real time (no latency) by setting the channel, the pitch, the velocity and the duration - Associate a GM instrument to any of the 16 channels - Manage your Midi connections with physical or logical midi devices - Trigger a LiveCode handler with an incoming Midi event. And more...

Here is the documentation of sunnYmidi API.


piano vintage

SunnYmidi was first released in 2010. Since Apple will no longer accept 32 bits applications, sunnYmidi for 64 bits architecture will replace it.

in progress..


SunnYmidi in 3 minutes

Contents of the video are non-contractual. This is an old video, a new one will come soon...


System Requirement

Platforms: MacOS
LiveCode Indy/Business editions version 8 or up.


See also

You might find shakobox interesting. It's a LiveCode library for playing hypercard tunes on top of sunnYmidi.