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LiveCode & Midi

That's all you need for Midi within LiveCode. Play any Midi notes with no latency. Set any Midi note channel, pitch, velocity and duration. Associate a GM instrument to any of the 16 channels. Connect physical or logical midi devices with LiveCode; for instance your LiveCode application with Ableton Live, or GarageBand. Triggers LiveCode handler with incoming Midi event.

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LiveCode and Midi in 3 minutes

Watch on Vimeo: sunnYmidi tutorial in action .

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The current version of sunnYmidi runs on:


For DJ's or MIDI experts

sunnYmidi is a simple tool, made to help LiveCode Users add sounds to their stacks in an easy but still in a powerful way. I've hidden all the complexity of the Midi specifications. If you are looking for a tool like GarageBand or Cubase, please check for another tool, or better still code it yourself on top of sunnYmidi; you'll make some guys happy.


For QuickTime users

sunnYmidi has nothing to do with QuickTime!
One question which keeps coming up from LiveCode coders is how to play music wthout any latency. sunnYmidi is the answer today! For technology lovers, sunnYmidi is built on top of the Apple CoreAudio Framework and uses by default the internal DSL synth available on all MacIntosh computers.
The challenge was to keep the distance from a LiveCode command to MacOS internal sound system API as small as possible, which was successfully solved and it works beautifully.


See also

shakobox is a LiveCode library for playing hypercard tunes. Available as a package with sunnYmidi.