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LiveCode & Perl

SunnYperl provides LiveCode users with the power and the strength of Perl , plus access to a catalogue of existing Perl modules (libraries).

SunnYperl offers Perl developers a facility to build GUIs with LiveCode .

Integrating Perl into LiveCode's innards means that LiveCode takes control of the Perl interpreter.

Perl runs in the same process as LiveCode , providing better performance.

You can build an application with all your Perl code and Perl modules inside, avoiding extern dependencies.

SunnYperl was designed during the development of BioArchimed© , an application to control a Laboratory Automation Workstation.

Shared library

For LiveCode users a shared library is seen as a DLL on PC, as a bundle on Macintosh and as a .so library on Unix/Linux.

About Examples and Documentation

a Quick Tour

The stack " a Quick Tour " will pass through a few practical scripts to help you understand the simplicity and powerful way of combining LiveCode and Perl scripts.
Here, you will mainly read about two languages: Perl and LiveCode and more specifically how they relate with SunnYperl.

For further reading, you need a basic knowledge of these two languages and GUI scripting. You don't need to be a guru; we won't look at the deepest or darkest areas. I want to keep it as simple as possible.

Multi-platform tool

SunnYperl is based on the technologies of Perl and LiveCode, which are both multi-platforms.. Therefore SunnYperl works on PC , Macintosh and Linux boxes.


If you have any questions, please check the FAQ section first.