SunnYperl provides LiveCode users with the power and the strength of Perl, plus access to a catalogue of existing Perl modules (libraries).

SunnYperl offers Perl developers a facility to build GUIs with LiveCode.

Embeds Perl in LiveCode

Integrating Perl into LiveCode's innards means that LiveCode takes control of the Perl interpreter.

Perl runs in the same process as LiveCode, providing better performance.

You can build an application with all your Perl code and Perl modules inside. And you will need no more libraries or external modules.

SunnYperl was designed during the development of BioArchimed©, an application to control a Laboratory Automation Workstation.

Multi-platform tool

SunnYperl is based on the technologies of Perl and LiveCode, which are both multi-platforms; it goes without saying that I want to keep going that way. Therefore SunnYperl works on PC, Macintosh and Linux boxes.

A shared library

A shared library is seen as an external library for LiveCode users, as a Dll for PC users, as a bundle for Macintosh users and as a .so library for Unix users.

What do you need to know ?

Here, you will mainly read about two languages: Perl and LiveCode and more specifically how they relate with SunnYperl External.

For further reading, you need a basic knowledge of these two languages and GUI scripting. You don't need to be a guru; we won't look at the deepest or darkest areas. I want to keep it as simple as possible.

About Examples and Documentation

a Quick Tour

In the stack "a Quick Tour" you will run through a few practical scripts to help you understand the simplicity and powerful way of combining LiveCode and Perl scripts.


Here you will learn how to use SunnYperl. You will find a complete description of the API. Every function and its associated parameters are defined and described.


If you have any questions, please check the FAQ section first.